1.6 Million British passport holders live full time in Australia and add to that the several thousand backpackers, the number do indeed add up. If you are a Brit living in the land down under, you will of course love the weather, the high standards of living and of course the wage (if you are working).

One thing that you will not like though however is the Television content. Although Netflix has finally landed, there is still a huge void in TV. If you want to watch UK TV programmes you can watch some on the UKTV channel, however the content is old and rather limited.

BBC iPlayer will not usually work when outside of the UK, however this can be remedied via a VPN. When you have a VPN running on your device you can access and watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all other British and American TV apps when in Australia and beyond. VPN01 has been a firm favourite with British expats for many years as it is one of the few that unblocks all UK TV networks and also at the same time does not have any data limits so that you can watch as much high def content as you wish.

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BBC content is second to none for UK viewing and will always be. This content was available via an Australian version of BBC iPlayer dubbed BBC Global player, however this format was soon ditched due to several reasons. Using a VPN is by and large the easiest way of accessing UK TV content down under and probably the cheapest also.

So whether you want to watch BBC iPlayer in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne, we do recommend a VPN. IPTV is always an option but it buffers like a 2005 YouTube video……

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