Firefox have just announced Firefox VPN which will be out at the end of this month. Well it was a long time coming and another spin off from the worlds 2nd largest browser. If you use Firefox already (as many people do), then you will be used to the feel of things and at the low price of £4 this will be attractive.

The only issue with Firefox however though is the fact that it is US based which has some people worried. Using a VPN that is based in the US is just like giving all of your information away to Trump himself and is really not recommended. The USA is a part of 5 eyes and is the founding member of it really. The five eyes is the US, UK and her realms such as Australia New Zealand and Canada. Most people living in the UK are comfortable in using a VPN provider that is UK based but not US based and for good reason too.

PRIVATRAX is a popular VPN service with users as it is UK based and is one of the few that has uncapped data limits and so you may browse as long as you like and download as long as you like also as well.

Using a VPN s essential in 2019 as hackers are everywhere. This is not a scare tactic as whenever you are in a coffee shop, hotel or airport you use the WIFI and are online on the same network as hundreds of other people. It is entirely possible for anyone to hack into your data packets and steal your password and information. Using a VPN not only gives you internet security but internet freedom also as well as it opens up the doors of the locked internet. If you want to download mp3 files, movies or anything else that your ISP would frown upon, this is perfect. Also if you would like to access sites that are banned such as IPTV and KODI sites then this will unblock them for you.

VPN tech has been around since curtains haircuts and Kris Kross were a thing, but it has only really become a known thing for security purposes in the last few years. A few years back many British and American expats living in places like Dubai were using a VPN to access BBC iPlayer abroad as it does indeed unblock TV apps when abroad.

Order a 30 days UK/US/CA/EU VPN account and pay just a penny for the first month, usual price £6.99 (Pay using PayPal). With a VPN account you will be able to unblock and access all social media applications, all UK & US TV apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix & ITV Hub and you will also be able to download torrent files anonymously. This works on all devices and is fully contract free and can be cancelled at any time. Click the button below and enter promotional code
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