Samsung have recently said that if you are using one of their smart TV sets, then you need to check for viruses and malware just the same as you would if you were on a computer. This is something that baffles most people assuming that they are just merely sitting in front of a TV set. Well they are not sitting in front of a TV set, they are sitting in front of a computer that looks like a TV set.

Crooks now know that most people have antivirus running on their laptops at home and so they are looking at other options. Most people now have passwords stored on their TV sets and these passwords are most likely the same as the ones that you use for things such as PayPal. There is fortunately a way to stop this threat.

You can run an antivirus app on your TV but what is even better to do is to run all of your devices in your house including your TV set via a VPN connection installed on your home router. This will prevent anyone from infiltrating the data packets being sent back and forth from your devices and is a great way to secure all devices if it is installed at router level. VPN routers have come right down in price over the last few years and can be purchased now for around $100

PRIVATRAX offer a reasonably priced VPN router that comes with a years free VPN subscription with it for around $100 and this will cover all devices.

The great thing about using a VPN is that all of your data is not only secure but anonymous, so that no one can see what you are doing online. If you wish to download music and movie torrents then your ISP will not be able to see, let alone your local government authority.

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